How to recruit from behind our screens

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The focus turns to recruitment next week when Cambridge Network continues its popular series of free webinars, with the first of a trio of sessions to help HR managers and recruiters navigate virtual activity as it replaces face-to-face communications.

Recruitment and retention coach Katherine Wiid from Cambridge Network member Recrion explores 'Recruiting via video' on Wednesday 8 April (11am-12pm) in the first of three related webinars aimed at HR managers and recruiters who are having to work remotely.

Katherine says: "No longer can we invite a candidate in for the traditional face to face interview. How can you pick up on non-verbal body language signals via a dodgy video connection, that a face-to-face interview would usually allow you to see? What might you miss? How will you know that the candidate is genuine and that you will be able to trust them to get on with the job remotely if you hire them? How will you overcome any unconscious biases you might have? These are all questions my clients have been asking me in the last few weeks.

"Remote recruiting also throws up fantastic opportunities to become more aware of how you currently recruit and what you could fine-tune. In this webinar, we’ll talk about how to successfully recruit via video - and how it’s more about you than it is about them!"

Katherine will follow up this session with two further webinars over the next few weeks:

Interviewing via video, 29th April, 2pm-3pm

Onboarding via video, 6th May, 11am-12pm

Employers invited tio participate in a Virtual Jobs Fair

Cambridge Network is planning a Virtual Jobs Fair on 14th and 15th May, when employers can tell their story to relevant potential candidates. If you would like to present an elevator pitch to a room of jobseekers on Zoom, please contact Claire Angus, head of the Network's Recruitment Gateway.

Also on the Cambridge Network webinar calendar:

Next Thursday 9 April (11am-12pm) Andrew Basham of Audience Engagement UK will show you how to make the most of your virtual meetings - ensuring your participants are engaged in the meeting’s conversation, collaborating, contributing and valuing their time online.

Tuesday April 21st (12.30-1.30pm) -  Business Lecture goes online!

Professor Neil Lawrence, who recently left Amazon to join the University of Cambridge as the first DeepMind-funded professor of machine learning, tackles this question:
What next for AI and machine learning?


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