Forming the UK's diagnostic industry for C-19


Cambridge Network's Executive Director, Claire Ruskin, has been asked to help the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) find the companies that are ‘forming the UK’s diagnostic industry’ in the context of COVID-19.

She says: " I’d like to hear from companies in that category if they are willing to be listed."

She explains: "Pillar 5 of the Government testing strategy - the creation of a British diagnostic industry – needs to be supported well to happen fast.  CPNI and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)  are the UK’s national technical authorities for physical, personnel and cyber security, respectively. 

"I’m talking with the C-19 Advice Lead for Pharmaceutical Industry and critical supply chain, including manufacturers and suppliers of ventilators, test kits etc.

"They have advice on how to protect assets, people and networks against a variety of threat actors.  They are keen to extend this support to relevant organisations and any critical work they are doing during the pandemic.

"If you are interested in either being on an early list or getting support, please can you send contact details and a one-liner description, including your security and cyber security leads if you’d be happy to be contacted through them, to ?"

You can find further details of CPNI/NCSC at and 



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