Invitation to co-design projects with the Cambridge Climate Life and Earth NERC Doctoral Training Partnership


The Cambridge Climate Life and Earth NERC Doctoral Training Partnership (C-CLEAR DTP) invites its partners in industry, government and the third sector to co-design projects with academic members of staff for October 2021 entry.

Embedded in the outstanding research environments of the University of Cambridge and British Antarctic Survey (BAS), the C-CLEAR DTP is organised around three major research themes:

  • Solid Earth and Geological Hazards
  • Climate Change and Environmental Processes
  • Biology and Conservation.

Between now and the middle of August, supervisors will be preparing project outlines that will be advertised to students wishing to start a PhD in October 2021.

Prof Marie Edwards, DTP Chair and Prof William Sutherland, DTP Lead for External Relations, write: "We would very much welcome your ideas and participation – the best way for us to find students who can do work that is of interest to you is to advertise projects stimulated by and co-designed by you.

"You may already have academic contacts in one of the participating departments here (British Antarctic Survey and the departments of Chemistry, Archaeology, Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Earth Sciences, Genetics, Geography (including SPRI), Plant Sciences and Zoology) – please speak with them. You can also look at the projects we advertised last year to get an idea of the range of interests of supervisors.

"If you would like help finding a member of staff working in your area of research, please contact Yvonne Gibbs, DTP Administrator.

"We would particularly welcome projects where you are involved to the point of making the project a CASE partnership which involves a small financial commitment from you, and a willingness to host the student for a period – please ask if you would like more information.

"However we would also be happy to see ordinary projects developed in partnership between you and one of our academics."




The Cambridge NERC Climate, Life, Earth and Atmosphere (C-CLEAR, proposed for 2019-onward) and Earth Systems Science (ESS, 2014-2018) Doctoral Training Partnerships are embedded in the outstanding research environment of the University of Cambridge and the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and provide PhD training across NERC science

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