Sable&Hawkes creates series of educational illustrations

Illustration example

Sable&Hawkes has been working with a leading Sixth Form College in Leicester for a number of years on brand, positioning and mar comms support and this year it has delivered a series of illustrations for the college, based on elements of their educational offer. 

The illustrations were commissioned as part of this season's recruitment campaign and covered topics such as:

  • courses and qualifications
  • facilities
  • culture and community
  • progression

As Adrian Kimpton of Sable&Hawkes explains: "Illustration is automatically distinctive, automatically specific and instantly you. We chose to develop the graphical element of the colleges identity for this campaign as on a broader canvas, illustration is a great way to bring a brand and core messages to life through visual story telling and also has very practical advantages over photography at a marketing communications level.

"Illustration was chosen to drive the visual solution because:

  1. Illustration gives us more control over the content of images and their details, so we can target sectors and messages specifically and more easily than with photography
  2. Ilustration is much better at simplifying complex concepts, injecting abstract concepts with personality and communicating with students without overpowering them with too much content
  3. llustration is much easier to brief, manage and control than photography and generally cheaper on a one-off basis
  4. Illustration has a much clearer visual hierarchy than photography so it is much easier to use to create a comprehensive library of visual assets
  5. This give us much more variety in the tools we have for the campaign identity, while still retaining a very clear and consistent visual impression that is recognisably ‘the college’.
  6. The use of illustration is much less common, almost unanimously everyone else uses photography, so this would automatically set us apart with out campaign."

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