Cambridge Innovation Capital leads £7.1M Series A investment in Seldon

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Cambridge Innovation Capital (CIC), the venture capital investor enabling visionaries to build global, category-leading companies in the Cambridge ecosystem, is pleased to announce that it has co-led a £7.1M Series A investment in Seldon, the Open Source DevOps company providing enterprises with the tools to manage, serve and optimise their Machine Learning models at scale, alongside AlbionVC. 

Seldon is a cloud agnostic Machine Learning (ML) deployment specialist which works in partnership with industry leaders such as Google, Red Hat, IBM and Amazon Web Services. Seldon’s suite of products enhances ML deployment pipelines with best-in-class explainability, governance and monitoring functions. Since September 2018, Seldon has experienced 38% month-on-month growth.

The company’s flagship open-source project Seldon Core has over 700,000 models deployed to date, drastically reducing friction for users deploying ML models. Seldon’s technology can help to ensure decisions made by ML algorithms are transparent and ethical, enabling customers to regulate the deployment of their models with significant oversight. Customers have experienced productivity gains of 92% as a result of utilising Seldon’s product portfolio. 

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