Allia Future Business Centre launches 'part-time private offices' for remote teams

Allis offers Covid secure part time offiice space

To help small businesses stay connected while their teams continue to work from home, Allia is offering ‘part-time private offices’, where your team gets its own dedicated workspace - with all the usual benefits of a standard office, but for as little as one day a week.  The initiative will allow you all to work from home or remotely for the rest of the week, but have a regular day or two working together, safely, as a team. 

A private office for your team from as little as one day a week. What’s included: 

Available for small teams of one to four people with: 

  • Laptop docking station 
  • Monitor, keyboard and mouse 
  • Locker 
  • Cleaning, business and service charge, IT connection and utilities 
  • Parking and cafe on-site 

Cost of packages (ex VAT):  

  • Four people - from 1 day a week, p/m: £395 
  • Three people - from 1 day a week, p/m: £295 
  • Three to four team one-off booking: £249 
  • One person - from 1 day a week, p/m: £149 
  • One person one-off booking: £65 

As the space is shared - other teams will work in it on the days you don’t - it will be regularly, thoroughly cleaned, and rest assured, the entire Future Business Centre is Covid-secure. 

Please get in touch for a full list of prices and availability, with 20% off your first booking – 




To read more information, click here.

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