A look ahead at some of the exciting Agri-TechE events in 2021

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Agri-TechE is facilitating the growth of the agri-tech ecosystem by bringing together people from different spheres that may not otherwise have met. Speakers at its events include a mixture of farmers, technologists and scientists who explore challenges and consider solutions from different perspectives.

More information can be found at agri-tech-e.co.uk.

Keeping it clean with agri-tech innovation – 19th January 2021, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Activated air, electrolysed water, free radicals – all provide alternatives to chemistry for sustaining the life span of fruit and vegetables, improving the quality of seed and reducing risk of contamination in food processing. New innovations are to be discussed for the first time at the Agri-TechE Explore virtual meeting.


Controlled Environment Agriculture: The Industry is Growing Up – 25th February 2021

The scale of global capital flow into Controlled Environment Agriculture and vertical farming has been described as “eye-watering”. This conference focuses on recent developments, innovations within CEA, business models and the potential for producers to go “beyond Babyleaf”.


Putting the N in Farming: On-Farm Nitrogen Production – 24th March 2021

UK farmers currently spend £373million annually on nitrogen fertiliser. Sixty percent of the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide comes from fertilised fields and manure, and runoff as nitrate is a dangerous pollution in water supplies. Alternative ways to increase the amount of nitrogen available to plants in the soil without the use of inorganic fertiliser is to be discussed at this meeting.


Data Management: More Than A Numbers Game – 13th April 2021

Agriculture produces a mass of data but converting this to meaningful information still creates challenges. 2020 has seen greater acceptance of many digital technologies and this event will feature a discussion with farmers and their technology partners about how they are extracting insights from their data.


From Farmer to Pharma: The Potential for Medicinal Plant Production – 12th May 2021

Medicinal plants such as Cannabis sativa have the potential to deliver high returns for growers. They also offer diversification with benefits for soil health. This event brings together growers, processors, pharma and investors to discuss the agronomy, new variety development, processing solutions, regulatory requirements and potential routes to market.


Improving Farm Safety with Innovative Agri-Tech – 24th May 2021

There were 21 deaths in 2019/20 through accidents on-farm, with the youngest victim being just four years old. Technologies such as remote sensing and monitoring and advances in communications and automation offer opportunities to help make agriculture a safer industry. This event creates a dialogue with farmers about the pinch points and the solutions that are in the pipeline.


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Agri-TechE is a business focused membership organisation, supporting the growth of a world-leading network of innovative farmers, producers, scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs who share a vision of increasing the productivity, profitability and sustainability of agriculture.
Together we aim to help turn challenges into business opportunities and facilitate mutually beneficial collaboration.