Cambridge Network's social media reach is expanding

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Cambridge Network's ability to spread the news about its members and their activities is increasing daily, as the number of its followers on social media grows - with a total of well over 30,000 across all channels and strands of its service.

The Network's core following on LinkedIn - arguably the most visited platform for business people - recently hit the milestone of 10,000, while on Twitter it is approaching twice that, with more than 17,000 followers.

"Although we have healthy traffic to our website, in the region of 45,000 unique vistors a month, we also regularly share the news posted on our site on both of the most popular social media platforms," explains Sara Baxter, the Network's office manager.

"Using the #membernews tag, we are happy to disseminate articles to a wider readership than can be reached by the website alone, and we know from members that our posts attract both interest and comment from people they otherwise would be unlikely to reach.

"We also post to Facebook occasionally, depending on the nature of the piece, and have separate lists of followers for our Recruitment Gateway job finding service and Learning Collaboration training division.

"It's worth noting that articles accompanied by compelling images receive greater traction, so it is always worth including a picture or a graphic if you have one when posting to the Network site."

Maintaining a regular presence in the media helps companies to increase brand recognition and loyalty, and to prevent 'failure by default', where lack of presence means people assume your business is floundering. (See Cambridge Network blog: Why no news is bad news.)

How often do you sneak a look at LinkedIn or Twitter during the course of a day? Chances are, like many people, you catch up on the main social media platforms every now and again, if not more often.  

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