Identity Management with Tier 2 and Auth0

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Building your own Identity Management Solution is easy, right?

Think again.

When it comes to deciding on an identity management approach (build or buy?), you may be wondering... do companies become market leaders? And how do start-ups accelerate their time to market?

All these companies simply focus on what they do best. No distractions. Something as basic as your company’s login box is a great distraction. It is the entry point to your applications and services — and it means you are responsible for your customers’ digital identities.

Tier 2 recently became one of the first Auth0 partners in the UK to provide both application development and consultancy capability within the Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) space. 

Watch its first joint webinar with Auth0, as the team discusses some of the factors that see businesses align their strategy with their technical development, so they can:

  • Make it easier to implement and scale identity and access management

  • Manage customers’ digital identities, while being able to fully focus on doing what they do best

  • Exploit the benefits of modern cloud-native development techniques by using Auth0’s IDaaS ‘drop in’ services

  • Have the assurance that it will adapt to an ever changing security threat model

Watch the webinar and find out more.


Tier 2 Consulting is a team of expert software developers, who deliver custom software using an agile, cloud-native approach. Tier 2 works in partnership with customers to understand their business challenges, and deliver solutions using modern, open-source technology.

Tier 2 is the UK & Ireland’s first Red Hat Premier Middleware Partner, an award based solely on accredited skills and experience. We are also one of the first partners in the UK to be awarded the Container Platform Specialism, recognising our expertise in RedHat’s OpenShift.

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