Round up of Cambridge firm’s immigration packages available for businesses

Julie Moktadir, Stone King's Head of Immigration

Cambridge law firm Stone King has prepared a number of packages and tools to assist businesses with their immigration law concerns.

Stone King, which has an office at Bateman House, Hills Road, provides legal support and advice to businesses on all aspects of immigration law, including on recruiting and retaining workers from outside of the UK. Partner, Julie Moktadir (pictured), heads the Immigration Team at Stone King.

Julie and the team represent and support many businesses struggling to recruit within the UK, from start-ups to tech companies, and also provide guidance to a number of businesses on the impact of Brexit on their workforce.

The team knows that UK immigration law can be difficult to navigate and the need to get it right cannot be overestimated. Stone King has therefore prepared a number of packages and tools to assist businesses with their immigration law concerns. These include:

  • A complete immigration training package for businesses – this training covers the recent changes to immigration law in light of Brexit, an overview of the sponsorship of workers, the new points-based immigration system and what these changes mean for employers in the Business Sector and looks at the new flexibility within the rules for switching between immigration routes. An up-to-date overview of right to work checks, including for European nationals now that the UK has left the EU, is also provided. The training includes access to the training video, a briefing sheet with key information about the session and immigration compliance checklists for sponsored workers and for conducting right to work checks.

  • Bespoke Immigration Audits – If you are a sponsor, the Home Office is able to conduct a compliance audit at any time. It is therefore essential that sponsors ensure their systems are in line with Home Office guidance and rules, well in advance of any Home Office compliance audit. In order to ensure sponsors are prepared for any unannounced audit, Stone King regularly conducts mock audits on organisations and our experienced team will conduct checks on your current HR processes and procedures. The audit is also relevant for non-sponsors as our team will offer an overview of good practice and highlight any areas that may need updating. Our mock audits can be in person or remote and we offer a number of different pricing options, including half or full-day audits. We are further including the above training package at no extra charge with any virtual or in-person immigration compliance audit.

  • Free Brexit self-audit tool for businesses – Many businesses have been impacted by the end of free movement with the EU and remain unsure on the actions they can be taking now to ensure they are protected in the long-term. We have therefore developed a free, easy-to-use, Brexit Self Audit Tool to help organisations assess whether they are Brexit ready and, if not, identify what actions they need to take and what strategic decisions should be made post Brexit.

  • Level 1 User Service – Stone King appreciates that navigating the Sponsor Management System (SMS) can be a complex and ensuring compliance with immigration law and guidance can be a challenging task for businesses, especially when time and resources are scarce. When faced with these issues, we offer a unique and pragmatic solution: register Stone King as your Level 1 User. With this service we are able to shoulder the day-to-day management on your behalf, alleviating the pressures on your current representative and allowing you to focus your attention where it is most needed. We provide expert guidance, invaluable support and operate the SMS in line with your organisational needs and the law.

If you would like further information about any of our packages, or would like to discuss how we can help your business, please do not hesitate to contact Julie at

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