Stone King-hosted webinar will highlight how children’s services can be improved

Julian Blake

A free webinar, Public Benefit Partnerships for Children’s Services, takes place on 8 July and is aimed at those working in public authorities.

The E3M webinar will explore new ways of improving children’s services, based on creating long-term partnerships with social enterprises and charities.

There will be a mixture of case studies and expert commentary and will look at ways of developing provision to provide better services and value for the public purse. Participants will learn about the ground-breaking Children’s Innovation Partnership, created by Leicestershire County Council and Barnardo’s, and the work of Kibble, one of the UK’s most successful social enterprises supporting children with its unique approach to partnership.

For more information or to book a place please visit Stone King’s website.

E3M is a knowledge community involving a group of leaders from the largest and most successful UK social enterprises that trade in public service markets, and a group of 'bold commissioners' who work for public authorities and are responsible for services.

Stone King Charity & Social Enterprise Partner Julian Blake champions the E3M social business initiative in public services. He has worked on a number of E3M projects including Public Service Alchemies in Coventry, Gainsborough; Oldham (the Northern Roots Project); and Rotherham; consultancy work in: Bradford, Devon and Northern Ireland.


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