Audio Analytic is proud to sponsor DCASE 2021

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Audio Analytic is excited to announce that for the fifth year running it is sponsoring the DCASE Workshop, alongside Bose, Apple, Google, Facebook, Dolby and others. 

This year’s annual workshop takes place on 15th – 19th November 2021 and will be hosted virtually and coordinated by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain.

DCASE (Detection and Classification of Acoustic Scenes and Events) is the world’s leading peer-based sound recognition community, encouraging academia and industry to collaborate and share research on the detection and classification of acoustic scenes and events. The workshop programme includes an exciting line-up of speakers and poster presentations. Further information and important dates can be found here.

Audio Analytic sponsors the DCASE Workshop, as it plays an important part in bringing together the community of researchers from many different universities and companies worldwide, with interest in the topic of sound recognition, and provides the opportunity for the exchange of ideas and opinions.

The team also contributed towards the DCASE Challenge earlier this year, as ‘Task 4: Sound event detection and separation in domestic environments’ included Audio Analytic's Polyphonic Sound Detection Score (PSDS) as the primary evaluation metric for the task, which you can read about here.

 "With six different tasks to choose from, DCASE 2021 illustrates the exceptional diversity of sound and audio scene recognition as a research topic. It is great to see that the tasks have evolved and matured across successive editions of the challenge, as evidenced by the adoption of the PSDS metric to evaluate sound event detection in domestic environments for Task 4.

"The research trends emerging from the challenge and represented at the workshop are now putting more focus on data availability, dataset statistics, model compactness and overall performance evaluation, beyond the traditional focus on model architectures and training methods. As global leaders in sound recognition, we know that such a holistic view is extremely important in order to make sound recognition technology commercially viable.” comments Sacha Krstulovic, Director of AA Labs and member of the DCASE steering group. 

If you are a researcher who is interested or are working on aspects of environmental sound classification and detection, you can join the DCASE community here


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