Calling all innovators! Showcase your technology to potential USAF collaborators

USAF 'most innovative unit award' banner

Liberty Spark, the United States Air Force's UK-based idea accelerator, is looking for opportunities to collaborate with Cambridge Network members, industry and academia.  It seeks local innovators who want to showcase their ideas and technology at a special event at RAF Lakenheath on 17 September.

Liberty Spark connects people across government, industry, and academia, aiming to bring the tools of tomorrow to its teams through innovation and collaboration with top subject-matter experts.  It achieves this while harnessing the power of ingenuity of internal talent by expanding technology, skill, and transition partnerships for rapid and affordable commercial as well as military capability.

As part of this initiative, Liberty Spark is hosting its first annual Spark EXPO, which will take place on Friday 17 September from 0900-1300 on RAF Lakenheath.   The organisers say: “We are seeking interested Cambridge Network members, industry and academic partners to visit our base and event to learn more about what we do and showcase potential collaboration opportunities outside our traditional ecosystem.

“Booth and table space will be provided for local visitors to showcase technology and academic opportunities our internal stakeholders rarely see. Liberty Spark hopes this technology expo will foster new relationships and ensure both our personnel and joint force partners have the tools to accelerate change today.”

More about the event

The Spark EXPO event will also showcase USAF teams’ ideas and talent to spark collaboration with UK partners. The event will culminate with an internal Dragons’ Den (it’s called Shark Tank in the US) -style pitch event, where the force’s top teams will pitch their idea to Wing Leadership in the hopes of accelerating to the USAF's annual Spark Tank event in Orlando, Florida, this coming February.

If you are interested in attending this event, please contact so that the organisers can coordinate visitor access.


As the U.S. Air Forces in Europe's only F-15 fighter wing, and future home of the F-35, RAF Lakenheath brings unique air combat capabilities to the fight, such as the most advanced Joint Direct Attack Munitions used by the F-15E. RAF Lakenheath provides all-weather, day or night air superiority and air-to-ground precision combat capability and multi-staged improvement program avionics. When teamed together, the F-15E and F-15C provide an air combat capability never before seen in the history of airpower.

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