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With all the changes we have seen in business practices over the past 18 months, “moving to the cloud” is becoming a statement Breathe Technology hears on a daily basis from its customers.

Lucy at Breathe Technology writes:

When you think of "cloud Infrastructure or Technologies", do you automatically think of public Cloud? I.e. Microsoft Azure, Google or AWS (Amazon Web Services)?

If so, you’re not alone with this perception – many organisations think "heading for the clouds" means adopting public cloud, but that same agility and flexibility can be harnessed in your very own private cloud.

Due to the Covid Lockdowns, many businesses and schools are now thinking differently and are required to take into account flexibility around working from anywhere and not being attached to an office, in hand this is reducing office space and overall costs.

What Is your disaster recovery plan or Business Continuity setup?

Understandably, businesses and schools have questions around what private cloud is exactly and more importantly, how to adopt it themselves.

Private cloud, services and infrastructure are dedicated to a single organisation. Resources are not shared, and thus data storage, hardware and network pools cannot be accessed by other organisation in the same data centre.

There are also questions around the cost, support and ownership of data and systems along with future possible migrations to other suppliers.

In the public cloud scenario, the client is utilising a vendor/supplier's off-site IT infrastructure, the vendor owns the hardware and the client will continue to be the owner of their data.

A major benefit of a private cloud environment is that in some cases it may offer increased security and, unlike the public cloud, computing resources, storage and networking components can be customised. A common starting point Is relocating your systems into the Private Cloud Data Centre and Offloading the space, power, connectivity and support requirements … but having the benefits of Increased Service Levels, Increased Availability, Increased Business Continuity, Increased Flexibility and Reduced Cost. A 'No Brainer' for some.

Private cloud serves the needs of designated users and is highly controlled. Which means you can now work form anywhere at any time. You can also create a hybrid network with equipment you may need or want to keep at your premises. It's completely flexible.

We've compiled 17 of the most-asked private cloud questions we've received and answered them in this guide.

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