Rapid expansion prompts senior recruitment drive for VetCT

Copper the dog with VetCT Co-Directors, Victoria Johnson and Julien Labruyère.

Can you think of a better place than Cambridge to start a company innovating in digital technology in the veterinary space ?

Founded in 2009, Cambridge Network member VetCT is now a global provider of teleradiology, teleconsultation and education solutions across the veterinary ecosystem.

Its expanding office team is soon to take residence in new offices on the West Cambridge site – nestled between William Gates Building and the Department of Veterinary Medicine. Their neighbours reflect the vet and tech worlds that Co-Directors, Victoria Johnson and Julien Labruyère, segued to meet the growing need for digital support of veterinary teams and educational establishments.

Both vets and specialists in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging, they recognised first-hand the need to innovate to support veterinary colleagues with specialist advice in light of the continued expansion of medical knowledge, specialist services and pet ownership.

The head office in Cambridge is being designed to create an environment reflecting the core values of the company – professional yet open and welcoming, collaborative, and people-centred.

 As Victoria explains, “This is a hugely exciting phase for all of us at VetCT. We’ve grown our team massively over the past 12 months, as we’ve expanded our service offerings and created the new VetCT App to provide quick and easy access to specialist support for vets in practice.

“We outgrew our previous office space several times over, working remotely throughout Covid. We can’t wait to get the VetCT family together in a new, inspiring environment.  We are embracing flexible working but also want a collaborative space to share ideas and enjoy our community. Our best ideas come from chatting with our team and we have a fantastic group of people working with us.”

Employing over 200 staff globally, the growth of the company, coupled with its planned transition from a pure service provider to a data and tech driven entity, has necessitated the creation of new roles. 

VetCT is currently recruiting for a Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Technology Officer and a Chief Financial Officer to join the team. Along with the expansion of their offices in Florida in the US and Fremantle in Australia, it will be fascinating to see where the next few years takes this successful Cambridge scale-up.

If you are interested in applying for any of the roles mentioned above, please visit VetCT's Recruitment Gateway page on this site.

Image: Copper the dog with VetCT Co-Directors, Victoria Johnson and Julien Labruyère.

This article first appeared in Business Weekly


VetCT are global veterinary telemedicine specialists. We provide world-class Veterinary Telemedicine services to an international client base to meet the needs of vets and their patients using digital radiography, CT and MRI. We offer dedicated radiographic and cross-sectional imaging support and a bespoke personal approach to our clients. Our unique telemedicine services help veterinary practices build better client relationships, improve professional satisfaction and achieve long term goals.