'Making A Mark In The Media'

'Making a mark in the media' book cover

Would you like media coverage for your company or organisation, potentially bringing your message to millions? A new book by a Cambridge author shows you how to get yourself in the news...

Making A Mark In The Media is written by Simon Hall, a BBC News Correspondent of 20 years’ experience, and now Director of a business communications consultancy as well as a university lecturer in communication.

“Many companies and organisations spend a great deal of effort and money trying to attract customers, investors, or business partners,” Simon says. “Getting yourself featured in the media turns that around, and instead has them coming to you. Which is why an appearance in the news is so sought after. It’s often seen as the best publicity there is.

“I wrote the book because many of the executives and leaders I was helping with their communications wanted media coverage, with all the benefits it brings. So I thought I’d share my insights into how to go about getting it. And yes, revealing the secrets of the media trade is a poacher turned gamekeeper experience, given all my years with the BBC!”

Simon, who runs Creative Warehouse, based in Cambridge, and specialises in working with start ups and small businesses, says media coverage should be a critical part of any company or organisation’s strategic communications plan.

“Publicity is particularly useful just before funding rounds,” he explains. “If a potential investor is interested, and does a Google search, wouldn’t you know it, up comes a series of articles on the company. And that always helps to make a very positive impression and oil the wheels to a deal.

“Media coverage is also great for attracting new staff, providing the spark that gives rise to partnerships, and for personal advancement. It seldom does an employee’s profile and reputation any harm to feature in the news.”

Making A Mark In The Media is published by Bookboon, the world’s biggest ebooks publisher, and contains everything needed to put together a press release that will tempt a journalist into writing a story.

It begins with deciding on the angle of the story, then onto the all important headline for the release, and opening sentence.

“It’s critical to remember that journalism is one of the most time pressured professions,” Simon says. “You’ve got to hook a hack immediately, or they’ll be onto the next thing, they’re that busy. Which is why headlines and openings are so important.

“As well as offering practical tips about how to get featured in the media, the book also provides insights into a reporter’s life. That can come in very useful in dealing with the media. Take it from me, journalists are curious creatures. I was one for more than 25 years, and still dabble today!”

The book also includes important tips for dealing with the media which are often overlooked, such as how to lay out a news release, and the need to include photos.

There is a whole chapter on how to take publication quality pictures on a smartphone, as well as a chapter on the dark arts of media management, full of tricks and tactics for dealing with reporters.

The daunting experience of being interviewed also features, with Simon drawing on the lessons from the thousands he’s carried out.

“The media is a double edged sword,” Simon says. “Get your appearance right, and it can really help you. But get it wrong and you can cause real damage. That’s why I thought it was important to write about how to handle a media interview as part of the book.”

Making A Mark In The Media is designed to be simple to read and easy to implement, an accessible and effective guide to getting yourself into the news.

A link to the book: https://bookboon.com/en/making-a-mark-in-the-media-ebook

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