Demand soars for bespoke internal training programmes

group gatghered for in house training course

With recruiters struggling to fill positions in an increasingly competitive jobs market, many Cambridge companies are concentrating on retention, looking at ways to engage and progress key employees. More and more are turning to Cambridge Network's Learning Collaboration –  its dedicated training division – for help in developing and delivering in-house courses for their staff.

icon_in_house colouThe demand for bespoke internal training programmes is coming from businesses of all sizes, from the smallest local companies with just a few employees up to the region's largest, global organisations which boast thousands of workers located across the world.

Subject matter requested by members for in-house courses is diverse, including:

Soft skills

  • Media and presentation, often aimed at technical personnel

  • Assertiveness

  • Negotiation

  • Unconscious bias

  • Time management

Management development

  • Transition to management

  • Transition from academia to industry

  • Supervisory skills, encompassing performance assessment

  • Line management

  • Project management

  • Handling difficult conversations

  • Finance for non-financial mangers

  • Understanding contracts

Talent acquisition and HR

  • Interviewing

  • Coaching

  • Giving feedback

  • Wellbeing assessment

  • Diversity and inclusion

Technical and computer skills

  • Excel

  • Word

  • Outlook

  • PowerPoint

Cultural awareness

  • Japanese

  • Working in Saudi Arabia

  • Business English

Although some courses are off the shelf, most are customised to organisations.  Trainers – chosen from Cambridge Network’s pool of recommended tutors – work closely with companies to ensure they deliver material to precisely meet a company’s specific training needs, addressing any issues they wish to tackle.

Face to face training has now resumed, but virtual sessions, the norm during the lockdowns, have also continued and created new opportunities.

Operations manager Sara Baxter explains: "Where once we had to send our trainers to Europe or the US, or to bring delegates in from abroad, we have been very successful in offering the same quality of training remotely, with obvious savings in travel and expenses.

“Recently we have arranged training for groups of people from single companies based in different locations, with some delegates in Cambridge and others in Scandinavia or California, for instance. 

“This has the added advantage of enabling our members in multinational technology companies to assemble their global teams to learn together. Depending on the topic, it means that one trainer can deliver two or more sessions in one day from a local base."

Find out more about in house Learning Collaboration training here

For in house training enquiries please contact us: or call 01223 746801


Cambridge Network's Learning Collaboration works on behalf of local employers to organise training and management development for their staff. Set up by the Network in conjunction with local HR Directors, our aim is to provide all Cambridge Network members and organisations with improved access to high quality, shared training courses at value-for-money prices.

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