Business Weekly Awards show young guns hitting fresh targets


The presentation of the 2021 Business Weekly Awards at St John’s Innovation Centre last week highlighted a step change in the profile and prospects of the new wave of Cambridge tech and life science game-changers.

Business Weekly's Tony Quested writes:

Taken across the board, this is the youngest cohort of winners we have ever had. More to the point they are raising more money much earlier than forerunners honoured throughout the 31 years of these Awards.

And, reflecting changing times, a third of our winning businesses were founded or co-founded by women.

Most of the winning companies are scaling on two fronts, hiring – or endeavouring to hire amid stiff UK competition – more staff at a faster rate and either moving into new HQs or preparing to relocate.

It is also noteworthy that the winners’ technologies reflect the new strength and diversity of Cambridge’s business landscape. Sustainable technologies are very much to the fore, and not least because of novel yet advanced AI and Machine Learning platforms.

Genuine next-generation life science technologies hold the promise of increasingly personalised treatments for a range of illnesses, including cancer.

Companies that have invested money in the winners told Business Weekly that they were excited about the increasing maturity of their portfolios as well as the potential global impact of the science and technologies represented.

Many of the winning companies are members of Cambridge Network: Read about the full list of winners here


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