Gift catalogue company chooses C3 for Telecommunication upgrade


Mail catalogue companies have had to make a rapid and efficient transition to stay up to date with the new trends and keep up with customers’ orders on different channels. That’s why C3 was chosen by a famous gift catalogue company to help them undertake telecommunication and payment changes to provide a more satisfying experience to their customers.

Our client needed an urgent replacement. We were aware how time-sensitive this order was, and we created a prototype IVR in advance, replicating the fundamental operation of their already existing system in order to demonstrate how quick, easy, flexible and customisable our solutions can be. We worked closely with this client to establish a full list of requirements and tailored our software to their specific needs. We added a PCI DSS Compliant system to our IVR solution for the client to easily and securely handle their customer’s payments.

We accommodated last-minute change requests and were still able to deliver a fully documented solution for user acceptance testing on time. Because their IVR system is ‘mission critical’, we monitored the go-live carefully. We slowly transferred their traffic from their old system to the new, to avoid disruption for them and their customers. As the transition needed to be as smooth and painless as possible, the interface of our solution was made intuitive and easy to use and understand, in order for their employees to quickly grasp it.

Since going live, the platform has processed more than 450,000 calls and more than £25,000,000 of automated PCI compliant payments. The new IVR solution has enabled our client to take calls and therefore quicker than ever, increasing the performance of their employees, the overall number of orders and reducing the waiting time for their customers.


C3 have a rich history of providing specialist computer telephony platforms for more than 30 years, supplying some of the largest UK and Worldwide companies with PCI-DSS Payment, Multi-Channel and Virtual Contact Centers, IVR call flows and Telephone Voice Recognition. COVID 19 led to a rethink in business operation trends with remote workers leading to migration of onsite solutions to cloud based, CCaaS, CPaaS and UCaaS deployments. C3’s core technology-agnostic software gives their customers businesses the edge in competitive markets and helped to overcome the technical challenges of moving to the cloud .