The importance of vitamin B12 for mental health

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Vitamin B12 could be as important as oxygen and water for the human body. At the same time, as much as 18% of people could be lacking it and not even know it. It is an essential nutrient for humans that must be obtained regularly from food.

Monika at Salus Wellness Clinics writes:

This vitamin can only be made by microorganisms, such as bacteria and algae. The main source of it for humans is animal products. B12 is made by microbes in the digestive tract of animals from where it is absorbed and deposited in their tissues.All vegans should therefore be aware that they need to supplement vitamin B12 otherwise they will risk the consequences of vitamin B12 deficiency.
Some people know that vitamin B12 is linked to a type of anaemia called pernicious anaemia (an autoimmune disease) but it could be a late stage of vitamin B12 deficiency and could also be preventable.
Many B12-deficient people do not have symptoms of pernicious anaemia but have other symptoms that can be neurological or psychiatric such as depression, anxiety, other psychological disorders and even psychosis. This condition can even contribute to the onset of dementia.
Vitamin B12 blood tests have been shown to be unreliable and the normal ranges are very much questionable.
Some health conditions such as gastritis, Crohn's disease, intestinal infections, gastrointestinal surgeries, Coeliac disease, taking antacids can make people vulnerable to this deficiency.
It could also be that you are not absorbing vitamin B12 from food due to taking diabetic medication, oral contraceptive pills, having parasites, drinking too much alcohol or heavy smoking.
If you have symptoms below, consider vitamin B12 deficiency and seek help!

  •         Tiredness, fatigue, lethargy

  •         Irritable, snappy, disturbed sleep

  •         Confused, forgetful, fogginess

  •         Tension headache, migraines

  •         Mental slowness, mood swings, anxiety, panic attacks, depression

  •         Psychosis, hallucinations, delusions

  •         Loss of balance, seizures, falls, tremor

  •         Tingling and numbness in hands and/or feet, burning sensation

  •         Restless leg syndrome

  •         Weakness or loss of sensation in limbs, shooting pain in back/limbs


As a nutritional therapist, I can recommend vitamin B12 testing and interpret them correctly. I can also recommend an appropriate diet and supplements to help you tackle the deficiency and help you get back to your usual self.

Act today, don't wait for the worsening of your symptoms.

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