Abcodia offers access to biobank for cardiovascular disease R&D


Abcodia has announced an initiative to license access to serum samples from its unique longitudinal serum biobank for use in validating biomarkers for cardiovascular disease. This unparalleled resource can substantially reduce time-to-market and cost of R&D.

Cardiovascular disease is the biggest single cause of adult mortality among non-communicable diseases in the developed world, and is rapidly increasing in incidence across emerging economies. A very large proportion of heart attacks and strokes could be prevented through early detection and intervention. Longitudinal samples from a population-sized cohort of the same individuals provide the best chance of discovering new biomarkers and assessing disease progression to allow early disease detection and intervention, and to better target clinical trials for therapeutics.

CThe samples were donated by over 200,000 women, 50,000 of whom provided annual samples over 10 years as part of the UK Collaborative Trial in Ovarian Cancer - the bank now holds over 5 million samples, of which around 3.5 million are longitudinal.

Abcodia can provide its partners with access to this large cohort of pre- and post-diagnosis cases across the full spectrum of cardiovascular disease, including atherosclerosis, angina, heart failure, myocardial infarction and cerebrovascular disease, among others. In addition, the samples are annotated with a range of demographic data for each volunteer and relevant clinical data can be obtained according to Abcodia's partners' requirements.

A significant pool of healthy controls allows for detailed case-control matching on age, smoking, alcohol and or other demographic factors. Controls can easily be matched to include or exclude confounding diseases with the knowledge that all of the samples have been collected to a standard protocol which minimises variability.

Abcodia's collaborative business model can substantially de-risk the biomarker-validation process for its partners throughout the research and development process.

For further information, download Abcodia's brochure on cardiovascular disease.


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