AlertMe buys Wattbox to create the ultimate in intelligent home heating and hot water


AlertMe, the Smart Home technology company, has announced the acquisition of intelligent heating and hot water controls company, Wattbox. The acquisition will enable AlertMe to extend its heating controls proposition to hot water whilst adding Intelligent Automation to home energy control.

Heating accounts for 58% of the energy used in the home and hot water a further 25%, so efficient management offers the biggest opportunity to reduce waste and cut bills.

The Wattbox Intelligent Heating Control technology automatically detects and learns when householders are in and out of the house and automatically controls heating to be on at the right time and the right temperature. This provides maximum efficiency, comfort and ease-of-use and ensures the consumer only uses the energy when and where they need it. Household occupancy is detected from energy use in the home using a simple electricity clamp or directly from a Smart Meter (due to be rolled across the UK from 2013). The company has proven its technology in real homes and has demonstrated savings in the region of 15% on heating and hot water costs. 

AlertMe will integrate Wattbox technology into its cloud-based controls platform. Mary Turner CEO of AlertMe says: “Consumers are facing unprecedented energy price hikes and they deserve help. Giving them visibility is just the first step in understanding how they can save. The ultimate step is to provide easy to use controls and intelligent automation that will significantly help reduce energy consumption in a sustainable way.  The AlertMe heating control solution with Wattbox intelligent automation is the killer application for home energy efficiency and by combining information, engagement and intelligent automation we can give maximum control over what is the lion’s share of home energy use and spend.”
In addition to acquiring the technology and intellectual property, Wattbox also brings AlertMe a significant amount of highly relevant and complementary engineering expertise, as well as seasoned executives with experience from Blue Chip organisations such as Rolls Royce and GEC. Adrian Coe, Wattbox director, says: “We are delighted to become part of the AlertMe stable. We have invested five years in developing and patenting our technology and there is now a clear route to deploying our current and future products and services to world markets”.

About Ltd
AlertMe provides simple and affordable home energy management and connected home services both directly to consumers and indirectly through channel partners such as Utilities, Telecommunications companies and OEMs. Based on a single Home Area Network (HAN) platform, AlertMe allows consumers to monitor, control and automate a wide range of services in the home, such as energy use, heating, Solar PV and security, online and via their smart phone anywhere, anytime.

AlertMe allows partners to provide their customers with new services that enhance the customer relationship, improve customer loyalty and increase revenue.  The company provides consumers with the tools to reduce their energy consumption and bills by 15-20% and to participate in meeting Government targets and objectives for energy conservation and carbon emissions reduction.
AlertMe is private and venture backed by British Gas, Good Energies, Index Ventures, SET Venture Partners and VantagePoint Capital Partners.