Almost all UK schools online


The UK government claims almost all UK schools now have internet access.

Schools minister Catherine Ashton welcomed new figures showing virtually all schools are now connected to the internet.

Almost all secondary schools are now online and 96 per cent of primary schools are hooked up to the net - compared to just 17 per cent four years ago.

The government says progress is also being made achieving minimum levels of information and communication technology, with an increase in the number of computers per pupil.

In 1998 there was one computer for every 17.6 primary school children - now the figure is 11.8. Secondary schools average one computer for every 7.1 pupils.

Ashton said: 'The government's GBP 1.8 billion investment in ICT is paying dividends and we are equipping our future generations for the challenges of the new century. We must ensure that all schools are connected soon and we want to help any of those who are not yet there.'

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