Unusual role for Arc - one of the Cambridge Network's newest start ups


Arc, or ‘alternative resolution to conflict’, is one of Cambridge’s newest start ups and one of the most recent companies to join the Cambridge Network.

It’s a company with an unusual role.  It aims to repair employment relationships that have broken down, restoring trust and confidence, rebuilding productive and successful partnerships that generate real value.  And, as occasionally happens, if the relationship is broken beyond repair, arc can support both employers and employees to part company with the minimum of managerial time, reputational damage and financial loss.   

The good news is that arc also provides bespoke training for employers and managers, helping them navigate the most challenging parts of employment relationships and avoiding the costly pitfalls of employee disputes.

From its origins in community mediation in Cambridge City, arc has a special focus on technology, the flagship sector within the Cambridge marketplace.  

As Dave Warren, one of the two arc directors points out, ‘technology is fundamentally different to other commercial sectors, with its reliance on uniquely talented individuals and its focus on innovation, resolving employee disputes quickly and effectively is critical’.  

Although companies habitually resort to horrendously expensive, and very public, litigation and employment tribunals to resolve employees disputes - alternative dispute resolution (mediation, conciliation and personal coaching) offers the real prospect of dealing with serious disagreements discreetly, effectively and permanently, with an emphasis on rebuilding productive and creative relationships for the future. 


For further information contact Dave Warren on 01223 459713 or admin @arcresoltuion.co.uk



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Arc offers a range of dispute resolution services to the public, private and voluntary sector, with a special focus on the technology. Arc’s mandate is twofold: to resolve the issue that is causing the dispute and repair employment relationships that have been damaged by conflict. Our aim is to restore trust, confidence and to rebuild productive relationships between employees, employers, contractors, specialists, managers and board members.

arc - alternative resolution to conflict