Amino licenses IntAct technology to Cyan to accelerate 16-bit Microchip Development


Amino Communications, the network appliance designer, today announced the licensing of its core patent-pending IntAct technology to Cyan Technology.

The agreement enables Cyan to produce a 16-bit processor chip incorporating IntAct, so that many devices such as set-top boxes and MP3 players can directly use the communications power of the internet at significantly reduced cost and time-to-market.

David Griffiths, CEO of Cyan Technology commented 'Amino and Cyan have joined together to move the 16 bit chipset into the embedded communications market where, in the past, there has had to be a compromise on functionality and/or cost. Often an 8 bit chip lacks the functionality required for networked products, while a 32-bit chip is too expensive. At Cyan we are meeting an identified market need. We chose Amino's IntAct technology because it enables us to offer customers flexible, upgradeable solutions.'

Cyan Technology will offer the 16 bit microcontroller technology to Amino's existing clients who are active in markets where devices such as gateways, smart cards readers and terminals, set-top boxes, in-vehicle terminals and seat-back entertainment systems, are used.

With Amino's IntAct technology, Cyan chips will offer enhanced functionality and flexibility. Different IntAct components within a product, or even different products, can be linked together via point-to-point technology without worrying about the underlying communications medium. This means digital products and services can be brought to market faster and at lower cost.

Martyn Gilbert, Managing Director of Amino is excited about this 'Our collaboration represents the fusion of two world-beating technologies. It paves the way for embedded communications products with the reliability and price point vital for the success of high-volume consumer Internet products.'

Amino received a 4 million equity investment last month. Although IntAct is incorporated within Amino's modules and therefore already designed into a wide range of products, its new partnership with Cyan is the first direct license of IntAct at the core technology level.

Cyan which recently spun-out from Cambridge Consultants Limited has also recently received an investment of 1.5 million. It is building high-performance microcontrollers with broad application in markets such home appliances and interactive television. The chips are due to be available early next year and will initially be rolled-out in the Far East. Sales are expected to reach $100 million over a three to five year period.

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