And the winner is...


Compaq's iPAQ handheld computers have earned it the title European mobile device vendor of the year - ahead of Nokia and Palm.

The awards are open to companies making mobile devices such as handhelds, smart phones and 'feature phones'.

Compaq's iPAQ handhelds, came top in five of the ten categories - which included consumer and corporate appeal, design and technological innovation. Market share and growth were also taken into account.

Chris Jones, of Canalys, said: 'Compaq re-energised the European mobile device market with the iPAQ handheld and took significant market share from several competitors. It showed innovation in both design and marketing and created a product that proved attractive to individual buyers and particularly corporate customers.'

Compaq handheld sales in western Europe increased by over 280 per cent in 2001, putting it in second place behind Palm. Palm came third in the overall rankings.

Runner-up was Nokia, which saw the successful launch of the 9210 Communicator mid-way through the year.

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