Andrews & Wykeham to install integration line for PragmatIC Printing's flexible circuits


Andrews & Wykeham Ltd and PragmatIC Printing Ltd today announced a collaboration to deliver a range of novel security products based on PragmatIC’s flexible electronic circuits.

Enabling unique electronic security features for authentication and traceability

Commencing in 2014, Andrews & Wykeham is planning to commission a complete printed electronics integration and conversion line. This high-speed roll-to-roll facility will be targeted at a new generation of security foils and labels that leverage PragmatIC’s ultra-thin, flexible and low cost electronic logic.

Enabled functionality will include both overt visual features and machine-readable features, activated by RFID readers and smartphones. Such features have applications across many aspects of security, including personal identity, document authentication, and revenue and brand protection.

Ultimately these capabilities will enhance Andrews & Wykeham’s THESEUS™ track-and-trace system, providing even greater security along with improved ease of use: PragmatIC’s technology will add the ability to track items without requiring line-of-sight, and to record security information directly within a label.

Jamie Willis, Managing Director of Andrews & Wykeham, said “PragmatIC Printing have a unique platform technology for embedding electronic intelligence into labels and foils, which we will leverage to offer a range of totally unique security products to our customers.”

Scott White, Chief Executive Officer of PragmatIC Printing, added “We are excited that Andrews & Wykeham has adopted our technology to enhance their security offering, and look forward to their launch of new products next year.”


About Andrews & Wykeham Ltd:

Andrews & Wykeham is an established security product manufacturer and security solutions provider, supplying government and corporate customers worldwide. The company specializes in the areas of personal identification, vehicle identity, document security, product anti-counterfeit and excise revenue protection (track & trace), providing high-tech security laminates, foils, labels and turnkey systems.   The company's credo, Security Boutique, means security at all stages of production and delivery, high product quality, premium customer service and strict confidentiality. Andrews & Wykeham is the proud winner of the 2011 Thames Valley Export Award for outstanding export achievement.

Contact: Jamie Willis, Managing Director

Phone:   +44 1256 477 372


About PragmatIC Printing Ltd:

PragmatIC Printing enables printed electronic logic circuits that introduce intelligence and interactivity into a wide range of products and applications, in form factors that are not possible using silicon chips. PragmatIC’s intellectual property covers unique device architectures, process techniques, and circuit designs that enable flexible imprinted logic circuits with compact footprint, high performance and low cost.

PragmatIC Printing operates a pilot line at the UK’s National Centre for Printable Electronics, part of the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI). The pilot line supports customer prototyping activities as well as commercial production for deployment of new product concepts. PragmatIC also licenses its technology for higher volume production.

Contact: Scott White, Chief Executive Officer

Phone:   +44 1223 421272




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PragmatIC is a world leader in ultra-low-cost flexible electronics. Our unique technology platform enables innovators to create novel solutions to everyday problems that are beyond the scope of conventional electronics. Our ConnectIC® family of flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs) are thinner than a human hair and extend proven applications such as RFID and NFC into mass market use cases, enabling the potential for trillions of smart objects that can engage with consumers and their environments. Our novel, differentiated products are being adopted by a growing base of global companies across diverse markets, including consumer goods, games, retail, pharmaceutical and security. Alternatively, designers can create their own application-specific flexible devices using our FlexIC Foundry™ offering at a fraction of the cost and time required for traditional silicon circuits, opening up multiple new markets beyond RFID. These FlexICs are manufactured on our revolutionary FlexLogIC® production system, a highly scalable manufacturing model for cost-effective high-volume production, achieved with orders of magnitude less capital investment and operating cost compared to a traditional silicon IC fab. PragmatIC is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with our first billion-unit production facility in Sedgefield. Shareholders include Cambridge Innovation Capital, Arm and Avery Dennison.