Animal welfare features at Sensors in Food and Agriculture 2018 conference


The second day - Thursday 19th July - of Sensors in Food and Agriculture 2018 at the John Innes Centre, Norfolk Research Park, will explore applications of sensor technology in animal welfare. Keynote speakers include Dr Eithne Dempsey, National University of Ireland, and Dr Jasmeet Kaler, University of Nottingham.

Sensors in Food and Agriculture 2018

18 - 19 July 2018 - John Innes Centre, Norwich Research Park

The opening presentation on the second day of Sensors in Food and Agriculture 2018 will be given by keynote speaker Dr. Eithne Dempsey, the National University of Ireland, on "Biosensing devices for animal fertility and disease monitoring"  which will explore leading edge  applications of sensor technology for animal welfare.

A second keynote will be by Dr. Jasmeet Kaler, Nottingham University School of Veterinary Medicine and Science  on "Utilising machine learning and IoT solutions to improve livestock health and welfare."

In addition to papers on fish farming and sheep management, there will also be a session on sensors in food production including: Developmnent of a chilli hotness meter by Zimmer and Peacock; rancidity of coconut cream by Aosa;  Monitoring spoilage of meats with 'zero-cost' paper-based gas sensors by Dr. Firat Güder, Imperial College London.

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