Antenova appoints wireless industry leaders as technical advisory board


Antenova, the leading antenna developer, has appointed a board of wireless communications industry leaders to advise on technology and business strategy.

Six world-renowned authorities - Ed Candy, Phil O'Donovan, Peter Duffett-Smith, Dennis Fielder, Stefan Stanislawski and Alan Stidwell - will actively help to focus Antenova's commercial activities, now that its technology is nearing the end of the development cycle.

'We are delighted to have the experience and support of such high level advisors to help identify important protocols, define products and introduce our technology world-wide', says Dr Graham Cooley, CEO of Antenova.

'Our products are designed to meet some of the most challenging problems facing the wireless communications industry today. These are: power consumption, spectrum efficiency and protocol co-existence. The flexibility of our technology makes it suitable for a wide range of wireless standards, some of which will be more important in the market place than others'.

'Antenova's technology has the potential to directly improve wireless communications for both operators and users', notes Peter Duffett-Smith of Cambridge Positioning Systems, 'I am pleased to have been invited to act as a technical advisor among such a distinguished team of industry professionals, and am sure that our expertise and guidance will support Antenova as the company moves from a development phase to commercial implementation.'

'Antenova's technology has the potential to directly improve wireless communications for both operators and users', notes Stefan Stanislawski of Analysys Ventures, 'by improving antenna efficiency - with its direct correlation to quality and reliability for the end user - and by directional control, which injects a multiplier into the capacity of the network.'

The advisory board will discuss Antenova's progress and its positioning related to key wireless applications and emerging business opportunities. The members bring wide-ranging experience to stimulate Antenova's thinking, ranging from the specification and design of technologies and equipment, to the provision and operation of next-generation mobile networks and services.

Stefan Stanislawski is Managing Director of Analysys Ventures - the division of the Analysys consultancy that provides start-up and early stage support for organisations in the broadband access, mobile internet and e-commerce sectors.

Ed Candy is Director of Technology of Hutchison 3G, the Hutchison Whampoa-KPN Mobile-NTT DoCoMo joint venture that won one of the UK's five licences to run third generation mobile phone networks.

Dr Peter Duffett-Smith is CTO of the mobile location technology company, Cambridge Positioning Systems. He developed CPS' CursorTM system while working as a radio astronomer with Cavendish Laboratory, and teaching at the University of Cambridge.

Dr Phil O'Donovan is Co-Founder and MD of the Bluetooth silicon leader, CSR. Prior to this, he was Telecoms Practice Manager with Cambridge Consultants, and Chief Research Engineer at ITT's Standard Telecommunications Laboratory.

Alan Stidwell is a senior technology consultant with the Technology and Programmes Group of Orange UK - the UK's leading mobile phone service. He has over 25 years industrial experience in radio technology and radio access systems.

Dennis Fielder is CTO for the Wireless Business Unit of SiGe Semiconductor - the designer of high performance silicon-germanium ICs for wireless and broadband applications. He also founded Symbionics - now Tality - and worked at PA Consulting and Decca.

  • Antenova is a European company commercialising a revolutionary directional smart antenna technology which increases the capacity and performance of wireless networks. There's no phased array or signal processing, the technology is a completely solid-state solution, which is inherently directional.

    Antenova's antennas
  • Small, efficient with flexible bandwidth
  • Directional and electronically steerable or switchable
  • Dual polarisation and dual/tri band
  • Capable of being packed closely together without cross-coupling

    We can offer angular, spatial or polarisation diversity in a small space, all without breaking the laws of physics (or Wheeler's limits of antenna performance). Based on new materials and principles of operation, the technology enables wireless terminal and basestation designers to shrink antenna size dramatically, and greatly enhance performance. Because the antenna is electronically steerable, it allows mobile operators to multiply the capacity of their networks by employing spatial multiplexing - making the huge investments in acquiring 3G frequency spectrum much better value.

    Applications include:
  • 2G and 3G handsets and basestations
  • Bluetooth
  • Wireless LAN
  • DECT

    The company is run by a team with strong experience of establishing and managing successful high technology ventures. With strong financial backing, a significant IP portfolio, state-of-the-art development lab and a well defined plan to commercialise the antennas, the future looks bright.

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