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This week marks ten years since training expert Karen Roem started helping Cambridge Network members by offering time-saving tricks, hints and shortcuts through her Tame your computer column on this site.


A decade on, and Karen – who heads her own training and support company, Roem Limited – is as passionate as ever about contributing valuable help to users of Microsoft Office applications. She says: "I actually started writing tips as far back as 2003 and sending them free every week to email subscribers, but my column on Cambridge Network didn't begin until January 18th, 2005.

"At that time I had no idea it would continue for so long or prove so popular. We have regular feedback from readers who say that they always keep the tips, or even post them on their office noticeboards!

"So many people only know and use a fraction of the capabilities of their software packages, so I've made it my mission to expand their knowledge and help them find new ways to save time and effort – via fewer mouse clicks, or by using keyboard shortcuts that mean you don't need the mouse at all.

"My website includes a complete list of all the tips I've produced to date – more than 400. I'm still enthusiastic about helping people to make the most of their software and intend to continue. So I am still adding to the list, collecting new tips either through my own training work or through ideas and suggestions from my course participants."

To mark the anniversary, Cambridge Network today repeats the very first 'Tame your computer' tip - which, it seems, is as relevant today as it was ten years ago. Read it here.

You can see Karen's latest tip and a 'shortcut of the week' at

The full archive of tips can be found at

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