Arecor granted key Canadian patent for proprietary technology enabling highly concentrated biotherapeutics

Arecor Therapeutics plc (AIM: AREC), the biopharmaceutical group advancing today’s therapies to enable healthier lives, continues to build a strong patent portfolio protecting its proprietary Arestat™ technology.

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 Arecor is pleased to announce that the Canadian Intellectual Property Office has granted a key patent, CA2861402, with claims protecting a specific part of the technology used in the development of stable, low-viscosity formulations of highly concentrated protein therapeutics, including monoclonal antibodies, fusion proteins and more complex protein constructs.

Dr Jan Jezek, Chief Scientific Officer at Arecor, commented: “The recently granted Canadian patent is an important milestone in our rapidly growing patent portfolio. We have been very successful in patenting unique combinations of excipients that improve considerably critical quality attributes of protein and peptide-based therapeutics, enabling their convenient delivery. This new patent relates specifically to concentrated protein formulations, which is one of the most challenging areas of the biopharmaceutical drug delivery. It strengthens our IP portfolio and our position as a world leader in the formulation of superior biotherapeutics and vaccines.”

The Group’s Arestat™ technology enables superior product profiles across a broad range of therapies, including various types of biopharmaceuticals, specialty hospital products as well as vaccine compositions with improved stability. Arecor partners with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to deliver enhanced formulations of their therapeutic products under a technology licensing model, as well as developing an internal portfolio of proprietary products in diabetes and other indications.
A combination of high therapeutic dose and the highly desirable low injection volume often leads to a need for very highly concentrated formulations of protein therapeutics. Achieving such concentrated formulations can be exceptionally challenging. The granted Canadian patent provides Arecor’s proprietary technology with broad protection in the formulation of highly concentrated compositions of therapeutic proteins, enabling convenient subcutaneous delivery of high value products to a higher specification compared with other approaches. It adds to patents already issued from the same patent family by Patent Offices in Europe, the US and India.

Arecor has invested in building a strong patent portfolio to protect the Arestat™ technology platform. The Group’s intellectual property portfolio currently comprises 33 patent families, including >50 granted patents in Europe in the US and in other key territories.


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