Argon Design speaks about IoT (Weightless) at Tele-Healthcare event in Paris


Matthew Bailey, VP Marketing at Argon Design, was a speaker at a Tele-Healthcare conference held at the most delightful British Embassy, Paris, France last week. The event was run by the UKTI and was titled "Mobile Health Challenges: Connecting Anywhere, Anytime" with participants from both the UK and France across governmental, public and private sectors.

Argon Design shared its experience in technology and product development in Tele-Healthcare and the tremendous opportunity to enable M2M/IoT solutions in remote healthcare using "Weightless" - a transformative M2M/IoT telecommunications standard and technology which has a global membership. A strong alternate to GSM/CDMA solutions.

Particpants at the event were fascinated with the "Weightless" standard and many fruitful discussions have started. "Wow" was the comment from the Chairman of the event, "What fantastic technology" was another comment and other people simply were astonished, saying "I never knew this type of technology was around".

Have a look at the slides of business case for a UK National Healthcare Network using Weightless instead of 3G - it is astonishing!´╗┐


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