aspire cambridge announces expansion in Kettering and Milton Keynes


Long established, innovative Recruitment and HR Consultants aspire cambridge is pleased to announce the expansion of its services into Kettering and Milton Keynes.

After serving clients for more than 10 years in Cambridge, East Anglia’s premier Recruitment and HR services company has great pleasure in announcing its expansion. aspire cambridge will remain with headquarters in Cambridge and expansion of regional presence to Kettering and Milton Keynes.

Kelly Haston

As Managing Director and a leading authority on Recruitment and HR in East Anglia, Kelly Haston FIRP DipRP exclaims, “This is a very exciting time for us here at aspire cambridge. Having decided personally that it’s time for me to relocate my family, it also enables me to expand the company into a new territory that is witnessing the largest growth area outside of London, with a superb central UK location and excellent transport links. As we venture deeper into the Government’s National Infrastructure Commission, Milton Keynes sits at the heart of a new opportunity area – the Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford corridor; dubbed the “knowledge arc”. There are opportunities to secure substantial external investment into improving road, rail and digital infrastructure and with this we are able to respond effectively to the growing needs of our customers.

"The Regional locations will be a great opportunity to meet prospective clients and candidates, deliver high quality solutions and build credibility for the business opportunities that the aspire brand has become known and trusted to offer. Growth means houses and jobs, two of the key elements in life and with this, anticipate that business leaders will seize the opportunity with the same vision of sense following the £1billion of private investment that has been committed to these locations in the last decade. The cities skylines have been transformed with new architecture, developing infrastructure and an unparalleled air of optimism.”

“The Recruitment and Human Resource landscape has changed dramatically since I started this business back in 2008. Today, the use of agencies and outsourced provision of HR services has risen in popularity across the country and it’s growth awareness make it the perfect time to expand our business.”

The innovative approach is typical of aspire cambridge, which is renowned for employing a wide range of creative techniques to negotiate advantageously for its clients. With the UK’s current Recruitment and Human Resource climate, it is particularly important for the business community to understand that its  success is born from helping businesses to grow and be profitable. aspire looks to partner with clients and candidates to build strong long-standing relationships.

As Kelly Haston revealed, “We want customers to know that we are ready and willing to represent and protect them through the Recruitment and HR process, and negotiate on their behalf to get them amazing results. We invest heavily in understanding our sectors and give specialist market insight gained through years of experience; this helps our customer to make the right decisions. We take the time to understand what you’re looking to achieve, we really do listen to your needs. We’re lucky to work with amazing individuals and businesses, which make us even more passionate about what we do. From taking on your first employee to managing your greatest resource – people, we’ve got it covered; from Recruitment to Human Resources, we pride ourselves on “placing people first.”

Why Kettering?

Fast growing and centrally located in the UK, Kettering’s economy is increasing well above the national rates. Major service and specialist businesses have relocated to established business parks including Telford Way Industrial Park, Kettering Business Park and Kettering Venture Park. New employment areas such as Cransley Park and Kettering Energy Park are still developing with thousands of acres of employment land available to welcome more businesses to grow and prosper.

  • 24,400 new homes to be built by 2020
  • 9,700 new business will open by 2020
  • 41,500 new jobs will be created by 2020
  • the number of apprenticeships will increase by 94,000 by 2020
  • existing business set to grow (£137.6bn turn over from businesses in 2013)
  • infrastructure led development (widening of the A14, new Junction 10a, electrification of the Midland Mainline rail line, schools, growing health care need)

Why Milton Keynes?

Recognised as one of the fastest growing cities in the UK. With significant population and employment growth and high levels of productivity. Milton Keynes has been identified by Centre for Cities as one of five Fast Growth Cities, with significant potential for future growth.

  • 30% growth of active enterprises in the last 5 years
  • 85 per 10,000 population, start-up levels are amongst the highest nationally
  • 8% growth in “real wages”
  • Over 34% of MK’s employment is in the knowledge-based sector; creative industries, knowledge service, science and technology
  • MK is at the forefront of new and innovative technologies, particularly relating to automated vehicles and start technologies – MK:Smart
  • Businesses and residents benefit from improved education and the skills offer from MK:U and Learning 2050

aspire cambridge was born from entrepreneurism and it's no surprise to hear that the team continues to thrive and grow. It has a strong and successful history highly rated for its quality, strengths and thriving cultural awareness. The team enables both people and businesses of all sizes and from across all sectors to succeed and fulfil their growth aspirations.

The decision to establish a presence in these regions builds upon strategic plans for continued growth and development across the UK.

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