Automotive Simulation World Congress features global industry thought leaders


Automotive industry visionaries and innovators from Ford Motor Co., Nissan Motor Co., Cummins Inc., TRW Automotive Holdings Corp., CIMdata Inc., Amazon Web Services Inc., Intel Corp. and many others will converge in Detroit on June 2-3 for the Automotive Simulation World Congress, hosted by ANSYS (NASDAQ: ANSS), to share the latest insights, perspectives and applications in automotive simulation.


The Automotive Simulation World Congress will feature dynamic plenary sessions, technical talks, exhibits, case studies and the latest simulation technology advances, showcasing the unique ways companies leverage solutions from ANSYS to rapidly innovate and solve challenging engineering problems. Attendees will hear from industry giants about trends, challenges and best practices for breakthrough automotive simulations, as well as take part in dynamic sessions on vehicle body, interior, chassis, electrification and electronics.  Other current topics such as aerodynamics, engine combustion, structural durability, systems engineering, and embedded software will also be covered.

"I'm pleased to be a keynote speaker at the Automotive Simulation World Congress where I'll share how Ferrari is using ANSYS simulation to boost the endurance of our GT race cars," said Marco Fainello, Ferrari head of GT car development in Italy. "By harnessing the power of fast and powerful engineering simulation to optimize critical systems of our race cars, like full-body aerodynamics and brake cooling systems, we can design winning race cars. Simulation continues to be an essential tool to our success and I'm excited to share our story."

"The Automotive Simulation World Congress is an excellent platform for customers to share ideas and solutions to some of the most demanding design challenges that engineers are facing," said Sin Min Yap, ANSYS vice president of marketing. "It is exhilarating to hear how customers are solving these complex engineering problems with the assistance of simulation and are taking their innovative products to the next level."

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