Babel Language & Cultural Training launches new website



Babel Language & Cultural Training is excited to announce that its new and refreshed website is live.

Visitors can continue to read its popular monthly Cultural Newsletters offering valuable advice for working effectively in different countries.  A new Blog section, Case-Studies and increased Resources segment will deliver updated and relevant information to anyone working across cultures.

Sue Curry, Babel’s MD, says “We wanted our website to act as a more effective tool for our delegates and Learning & Development clients.  We know that our multinational customers are working hard to identify, develop and relocate their key talent to be globally ready leaders.   We hope that the on-going provision of inspiring articles and resources on our site will help increase the cultural agility of executives for working internationally.   Our articles promote awareness of differences in working across cultures,and focus on the cultural values that lay behind the behaviour you may see and experience”.

Global Leader Readiness refers to a leader’s preparedness for meeting challenges specific to working in a global context.  These challenges include communicating with and managing people from different cultural backgrounds, providing feedback, decision-making and gaining buy-in from complex and often remote teams. 

 “We know the development of intercultural and language skills of senior-level executives continue to be one of the key priorities in multinational companies.   Clients who are investing in this area of development are achieving substantially higher returns on global investments.   Just one failed overseas assignment or a poorly advised leader can derail a project or damage a company’s reputation in a specific region for years,” concludes Sue.

Babel Language & Cultural Consultants

Babel delivers language training in all major world languages, coaches delegates to be culturally competent in their global roles, briefs expats for starting new jobs overseas and helps create high-performing remote teams.

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