Backing for venture technology


Yuno is a new 'venture technology' company on the look-out for enticing start-ups in the analytical and measurement business.

The new company is backed by Kore Technology on Cambridge Science Park, Horiba, and Japan Asia Investment Company.

Kore's Dr Barrie Griffiths, who chairs Yuno, says: 'We call Yuno a venture technology company because, although it is like traditional early-stage venture capitalists or incubators, we are taking a more focused, 'boutique' approach.

'Analytical scientific and measurement technology is an attractive investment area because it has always underpinned most industries, and despite the recession analytical areas such as health diagnostics and drug discovery are still experiencing strong growth.'

Dr Griffiths' son, James, spent a year in Japan in Horiba's legal and intellectual property department, and it was during this time that the idea for Yuno was born. 'Yuno' means able, competent in Japanese.

Yuno's investment in early-stage companies will start at around 300,000. Contact: 01223 420840.