Beko launches search for technology innovators for the future home



What will our future homes look like? Beko, a partner of Impulse 2019 at the Maxwell Centre, University of Cambridge, is inviting applications for sponsorship from any UK entrepreneurs working on technology innovations to enable tomorrow’s connected home.

How can cutting edge technology be used to create opportunities to improve our home environment and make our everyday lives easier? How can they be used to help the individual tackle global challenges around energy consumption, water usage and waste? 

Beko is inviting applications for sponsorship from any UK entrepreneurs working on novel technologies or product ideas that will help enable tomorrow’s connected home. To be eligible, candidates are required to have their own business idea, or a research project that has potential for commercialisation. These ideas will be developed during the Impulse2019 course.

What is the Impulse Programme?

The Impulse programme, now in its third year, has been developed to enable young researchers and aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams; to better equip them in making their amazing ideas possible. To achieve this vision, the Impulse team works closely with senior role model entrepreneurs, the West Cambridge science and enterprise community, the wider entrepreneurial and investor community as well as industry partners in stimulating high-potential ventures.Impulse serves as a catalyst for entrepreneurship in individuals and organisations.

The programme is about strong action learning and result driven where participants bring their innovative ideas to the table. It acts as a learning vehicle with a sharp focus on prioritising and developing “high-potential” business cases. The core of Impulse’s approach is to engage experienced entrepreneurs to act as role models and to provide guidance at the heart of the Cambridge Phenomenon.

When is Impulse 2019?

The third edition of Impulse Programme will run between April and July 2019 at the Maxwell Centre, University of Cambridge. The programme comprises two intensive modules of 4 and 3 days, with individual assignments in between. The programme is run in parallel with the participants‘ normal work activities. Its nature allows considerable flexibility in defining aims and workflow.

Application Process

Applications are made using the online application form on the Impulse web site. Applicants who wish to apply for a Beko sponsorship, please tick "Beko" in the "apply for sponsorships" box.  

The application deadline for a Beko sponsorship place is 31 March 2019.


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