Big Data in agriculture - why bother with a data strategy for your agri-business?


For the value of Big Data in agriculture to be realised, growers, farmers and data technologists must understand how, why and what data is of value to agricultural producers. Agri-Tech East's Big Data in Agriculture special interest group (SIG) meeting on Wednesday April 29th introduces the topic of big data, and the basic advantages and challenges of adopting and using the data effectively.


Much is spoken about the value that “Big Data” will deliver to agriculture and horticulture.  For data to be of value, it must enable improved decision-making that leads to increased profitability or cost saving on farm. How to collect, store and manage data, and a realistic understanding of what can be learned from big data, is still not widely appreciated.

This SIG event will be your introduction to Big Data in Agriculture, exploring the challenges and solutions to working in an environment where potentially your business has more data than it can efficiently handle.

It will benefit any farmers and growers who are currently converting data to information to help decision-making, as well as those who are developing tools and services to help manage them. The event will also include a workshop session around issues and needs, so that technologists can hear first-hand the issues facing end-users.


Robert Allen, Greenvale AP: “What is the role of data strategy in agribusiness?”

Carl Atkin, KinnAgrii (Terravost): “Using Big Data in Large Scale Farm Management: Experiences from a 300,000 ha Russian Agribusiness.”

Farmer Panel

Andrew Spinks, Technical Manager at B&C Farming

Co-Chaired by Matthew Smith, Computation Ecologist at Microsoft Research, and Robert Allen.

This session, which takes place from 1pm-5pm, will be held with kind permission at Plextek Ltd  (London Rd, Great Chesterford, Essex CB10 1NY).

Two BASIS CPD points will be available for attendees.

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