Bilingual babies: new early learning innovation supports English language development



Skylark Learning, the early childhood education company delivering innovative resources to help children learn through meaningful play, has designed a multisensory toolkit for learning English at home. Launched earlier this year, Skylark English: All About Me provides a fun, interaction-based method for play-based learning, specially designed to inspire little learners from birth upwards.


It is generally said that the world’s population today is more bilingual or multilingual than monolingual, and studies have shown that there is a range of benefits to raising a baby as bilingual. Teaching a child a foreign language at the same time as they learn their first one is a great idea; hearing the sounds of a language from a very early age helps them to pick up the language more naturally.

Exposing children to English as a second language equips them with a host of cognitive developmental skills including increased concentration, multi-tasking and analytical skills as well as socio-cultural benefits. For example, bilingualism gives greater awareness of cross-cultural communication and opens doors in the workplace in later life.

Alexey Manichenko, CEO and Co-Founder of Skylark Learning, comments: “We have created a product that enables parents to teach their children English in the comfort of their own home, at a pace and level that suits the family.

It is within this comfort zone that bilingual babies can learn English naturally, in a spontaneous and active way. Skylark English: All About Me provides a reason for children to want to communicate in English, in a fun context and in an environment where they feel safe and happy.

The multisensory resource comes complete with Skylark the puppet, a song book, play cards and play board, a word book, storybooks and an activity book. It has been designed to develop a range of language and literacy skills, along with further cognitive, social and physical skills. Produced with the help of British education and language specialists based in Cambridge, the beautifully made toolkit enables fully individualised learning and will suit any child, and parents with any level of English.

Skylark English: All About Me has four main topics that form an essential structure to the toolkit: parts of the body, food and drink, toys and games, and clothes and washing. The topics are exciting and interesting for young children as they learn about their body, begin to recognise different foods and drink, and develop an awareness of useful life skills in their regular routine, for example, getting dressed.

Using the toolkit, children can form an understanding of the world around them in two languages, making it natural for babies to grow up interacting in both English and their native language in everyday situations.

Skylark English: All About Me is currently available in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan and is available for distribution worldwide. Visit for further information.

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