Biotechspert completes trial, pitches at VentureFest East and closes seed fundraising



Ending a busy start to Autumn for the life science company, Biotechspert just closed their seed fundraising round for £230k.

Over the past few weeks, Biotechspert has successfully identified and connected associates and partners at a major VC firm with world leaders in the niche fields of peptide vaccine clinical trials, RNA editing, and ultra-rare lysosomal storage disorders.

The client was extremely happy with the results of the pilot, commenting This was one of the best expert calls I’ve ever taken’, and that the technology used enabled ‘connections to KOLs of a significantly higher quality than competitors’.

The experts provided similar feedback, with Professor Olteanu of Wisconsin Medical College saying, ‘Biotechspert is a phenomenal platform, and an extremely enjoyable way to provide expertise!’.

This positive feedback from a key client segment is extremely encouraging, and Biotechspert hopes to close a long-term commercial contract with this client within the coming two weeks.

Biotechspert pitched at VentureFest East

After being selected amongst many other companies Biotechspert pitched at VentureFest East, as part of the Innovate UK pitchfest programme to support the growth of exciting start-ups. They received great feedback and connected with a number of new potential clients. Thanks a lot to the Pitchfest team for organising and their fantastic support.

Seed Fundraising

Biotechspert's SyndicateRoom funding campaign ended successfully at midnight on 22nd September. Biotechspert is already being backed by world class investors including Professor Stephen Smith, Dan Mountain and Chris Ash

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