Bobby Deal - International GameChanger of the Year, 2017


Bobby Deal, Managing Director of GRS, has been named 'International GameChanger of the Year' by ACQ5. "It is fantastic to obtain this recognition," said Bobby, "especially since my objective was for GRS to be a GameChanger within the global life science sector and even more so for our niche area of regulatory affairs and quality compliance."

"Like every entrepreneur I have a passion and love for what I do and I was determined to bring about positive change.  I know this award names me as the winner but, to my mind, it also recognises the positive attitude of the most amazing professionals and specialists who form the GRS network.

"We all share the same belief that we are here to help, guide and nurture clients through the development and commercialisation of their products.  We speak the language of both our clients and the regulatory authorities without losing sight of the entrepreneurial spirit.  I'm also absolutely committed to helping our clients bring high quality, safe and effective medical products to those who are in need of them."

The ACQ5 Global Awards is now in its 12th year and with the nature of industry changing, they made some fundamental changes to the award categories.  They wanted to focus on organisations and individuals that can demonstrate an ability to deliver services and skills to meet clients’ needs and adapt to market and regulatory conditions and to consider candidates that may not always be global in scale, but are truly world class in the way they are run and in the services which they deliver to clients.  ACQ5 Global Awards decisions are firmly based on peer nominations following the receipt of detailed submissions from market participants and extensive year-round research into the markets in all global region.  ACQ5 Global Awards cover global categories, best-in-class awards in all regions in over 100 countries around the world.

“Experts whose intimate knowledge and expertise in the corporate, cultural, financial and legal arenas are redefining our industry,” says Jake Robson, Group Editor of The ACQ5. “The 2017 ACQ5 Global Award winners represent the best of breed in all industry sectors and have earned these honours by standing out in a group of very impressive finalists. We are lucky enough to work with some of the most influential and enterprising private organisations in the world and are proud to share their message with our readers. Relying on reader insight and experience to provide nominations to the panel remains the cornerstone of our program and to identify industry leaders, individuals, teams and organizations that represent the benchmark of achievement and best practice in the business world.”

The 12th Annual ACQ5 Global Awards honour the leading deal teams, firms and professionals whose activities set the standard for our markets. This year, companies and individuals, representing every major market in the world, became finalists for the awards.

“Operating a legitimately independent nomination process, our award winners are chosen by our readership.  Every year, we seek their assistance of our readers, the industry itself, in recognising industry leaders, eminent individuals, exemplary teams and distinguished businesses, which we believe represent the benchmark of achievement and best practice in a variety of fields – and every year, we turn to them to help as we strive to recognise an ever-widening spectrum of services, markets, industries and organisations that serve our global market place.  We believe that by consulting our readers we can better identify the groups that are confronting the issues which face us at this ongoing complex juncture, and our awards will rise above the status of participation certificate and actually be an endorsement of their work.” Robson concluded.

Global Regulatory Services (GRS) is an award-winning specialist consultancy servicing the global life science industry focusing on regulatory affairs, quality compliance and innovation.  With a worldwide network of professionals, GRS supports companies with emerging, novel technologies from foods to herbals, medical devices to IVDs, digital health technology to telemedicine, pharmaceuticals to regenerative therapies and borderline medicinal products.  Specialist teams have been established who have both scientific and regulatory expertise with the ability to communicate effectively with the regulatory agencies.  We continually fulfil our goal of “Driving Innovation to Market Success™”.

ACQ5 GameChangers™ Magazine is a network for today’s most influential organisations and individuals and offers insight into every facet of leaders’ professional lives by telling their stories - from department structure and team management to intellectual property and emerging technology. With engaging editorial, we bring local and global innovators across industries together to share their stories, learn from each other, and connect. GameChangers™ Magazine can be viewed HERE.


Headquartered in Cambridge, Global Regulatory Services (GRS) is an award winning global consultancy offering a holistic approach to the regulatory and quality compliance requirements of the Life Science Industry.

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