Breakfast events focus on protecting business secrets



Breakfast events organised by Cambridge Network this month focus on a critical topic for businesses large and small: how to protect your business secrets and intellectual property.


The first - Can you keep a secret? A guide to protecting your business secrets - is on Tuesday 19th July (8.30 - 10.15 am) at Barclays Eagle Labs (28 Chesterton Road, Cambridge, CB4 3AZ).

In this workshop Claire Sleep and James Tarling from Ashtons Legal will provide guidance on practical steps that your business can take to protect your business secrets from misuse and abuse - whether from employees, former employees, suppliers, competitors or others.

Often the key value in any business, but particularly growing technology companies, is in its confidential information and trade secrets. A greater understanding of the rights that you have in such information and some of the simple steps that can be taken to protect it can be critical to the future success of your business. In today’s business market, as employees are more mobile and stay with companies for shorter periods of time, it is more important than ever for businesses to protect their confidential information from being exploited by competitors.

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The second Breakfast Networking event - Protecting your IP when Crowdfunding - on Thursday 28th July (8-10am) at the Hauser Forum (3 Charles Babbage Road, Cambridge CB3 0GT) concentrates on early stage businesses who may need to divulge information in order to raise funds.

Crowdfunding is a new and exciting way for businesses to attract the investment they need to grow and succeed. But a business has to publicise itself in detail at an early stage to attract such investment: what are the risks to its IP position in terms of such early disclosure?

Katy Levitt, an Investment Associate with Cambridge-based crowdfunding platform SyndicateRoom explains how crowdfunding works and can benefit IP-oriented businesses.

Andy Bentham and others from the Cambridge office of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys JA Kemp discuss how to identify and mitigate the IP risks involved.

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