Bullseye - emails nail villains


Police are using emails to appeal for witnesses to crimes such as robbery and hostage situations in a groundbreaking initiative.

The pilot project - codenamed Operation Bullsye - is being used to appeal for witnesses to crimes, provide crime prevention advice and keep the public informed of what is happening in their neighbourhood.

People in Islington, London, can sign up to the scheme for free and choose the time of day convenient to receive messages by phone, fax or email.

When a crime is committed, police can immediately target possible witnesses in the area with an appeal message giving details about the incident.

Bullseye is a joint project between the police and BT.

Chief superintendent Ron Hope said: 'We've already had a fantastic response to Bullseye. I am very excited about its potential. Nearly 1,000 people have already signed up to the initiative - most having had it explained to them in person by officers during routine house calls.'

He added: 'We're confident that the system will raise awareness in the community and help to make Islington a safer place for all. We very much look forward to seeing its rollout across Islington borough.'

BT's Jeff Parris added: 'Any crime from a robbery to a hostage situation is likely to be confined to a geographical area. Until now, getting information about that crime into the community quickly has been difficult. Bullseye will help the police increase their door-to-door community policing and strengthen their links with the public.'

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