Cambridge BID announces fund for creative projects



Cambridge Business Improvement District (BID) is inviting organisations across Cambridge to apply for a share of £10,000 of funding towards a creative or engaging project that will help promote the city centre or support city centre businesses, between now and April 2016.


Successful projects will demonstrably add to the ambience and enjoyment of our city and complement one or more of the four work-streams of Cambridge BID: Pride and Promotion, Welcoming and Vibrant, Safe and Clean and Business Support.

Cambridge BID is an organisation set up and funded by Cambridge businesses and other commercial organisations in 2013 to enhance the experience of our world-renowned city.

“We’re looking for ideas that will benefit the city centre, particularly those with a measurable social impact.  Perhaps your project might involve innovative entertainment, an art event or an attraction aimed at increasing footfall in a certain area or drawing attention to and promoting some of the less prominent locations in the city,” says Becky Burrell, Marketing and Commercial Manager at Cambridge BID adding:  “It could be a one-off event or initiative delivered at a specific frequency over a set period.”

Funding applications will be considered in May, September and January.  The deadline for the first round of applications is 1 May 2015.  All projects should be delivered within a year of applying for the funding.

“Any business or organisation, including charities and residents’ organisations, within or beyond the BID Area is eligible to submit a project and apply for funding,” said Becky.

In the current financial year, ending April 2016, the total sum available to be shared between all projects is a maximum of £10,000.

Please download the Application Form

For Funding Application Guidance please click here: Guidance

For further information contact Becky on 01223 903300.


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