Cambridge businesses rally for Loud Tie Day


Businesses in Cambridge contributed to the success of Loud Tie Day last week, which culminated in 5000 children receiving fruit at school assemblies on Friday.

The event was aimed at raising awareness of bowel cancer, with the fruit a symbol of healthy eating to prevent it. Andy Bennett delivered a marvellous presentation on the importance of looking after our health - with the emphasis on diet and the digestive system - to assemblies at a number of different city schools. The children were captivated by the presentations which undoubtedly ensured that they will always remember the key points.

Prince Charles had already sent his best wishes for the success of the venture, which has shown how effectively Cambridge businesses can work together for good causes.

Jackie Elsom, of , who organised the local initiative, would like to thank everybody involved for their help and support.

Cambridge Network was one of the organisations supporting

the event. And Brian Birtles, its chief operating officer, will not go unnoticed at business meetings in future - he will be wearing the 'Loud Tie' made especially for him by primary school children who took part in the day's activities.