Cambridge Cluster Map undergoes refresh of data



Cambridge Ahead has recently completed a refresh of the data of its Cambridge Cluster Map, which was launched in July. The map is a data tool that accurately maps the growth of the Cambridge sub-region over time and reveals the true extent of the success of the ‘Cambridge Phenomenon’.


The dataset identifies and locates companies and certain research facilities that are active within a 20-mile radius of the centre of the city and shows three types of organisations: Cambridge-based companies, Cambridge-active companies, and Non-corporate Knowledge-intensive (KI) organisations.

The refreshed data is still from 2014-15 but incorporates data relating to late company accounts submissions to Companies House; company closures; requested amends by individual companies; new employment and financial data that has become available; new companies that are discovered operating; and when company status changes from Cambridge-active to Cambridge-based and vice-versa.

The overall aim of the map is to make it an indispensable resource for Cambridge stakeholders, the media, local and national government, researchers, potential inward investors – especially international ones – and Think Tanks.

Jane Paterson-Todd, CEO of Cambridge Ahead, said, “This refresh ensures that the map is current, enabling its users to have the most up-to-date data on companies and organisations within the Cambridge Cluster. This is the first refresh since the map’s launch and typically we will be refreshing the map twice a year. But we also have an update to the map planned for January which should make it even more popular and useful and which will incorporate new functionality and improvements in usability, as well as a refresh incorporating new company data from 2015-16.”

Cambridge Ahead created the map in partnership with Barclays, using data supplied by the Centre for Business Research (CBR) at the University of Cambridge.

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