Cambridge Declaration sets out the values and objectives of the city in the wake of Brexit



A manifesto for the Cambridge city region in response to the EU Referendum result has been finalised and released. The Cambridge Declaration is a values-based document originated by Lord Lansley CBE and developed as a result of a meeting of political, academic and business leaders from the city held on 8th July.


The document seeks to reassert the values and objectives of the Cambridge community, and provide a guide for the city region in its response to Brexit. A further document, The Cambridge Mandate, has also been drafted but remains in development. This is intended to act as a blueprint for future UK negotiations with the EU in order to obtain a favourable outcome for Cambridge.

Lord Andrew Lansley, a resident and former MP for South Cambridgeshire, said, “23rd June was a momentous decision by the people of the UK. Now it is up to us all to ensure that Cambridge must not lose out as a result of Brexit in the areas of commerce, culture, international relations, development, attracting talent, research, and opportunities for all.

We want to reassure our European partners that we remain committed to strengthening our long-established academic, cultural and economic relationships in spite of the referendum. But we also want to reassure all of the residents here that we will strive to help them to benefit from the city region’s success too.”

He revealed that progress is being made in terms of getting expert input into the Mandate, meetings are planned with Ministers, and a strategy is being developed for how the city region should react to Brexit.

“This is about influencing the negotiations and the Ministers who lead in them. It is vital that we ensure all sides understand that Cambridge is a tremendous asset to Europe and the ‘Brexit’ negotiations carry immense risks and also opportunities. We are determined that Cambridge’s voice is heard and we come out of these turbulent times with Cambridge seen as a global hub for science and technology.”

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