Cambridge Electric Transport launches crowdfunding campaign for more e-bikes

Bike share network for Greater Cambridge proposed by Cambridge Electric Transport

CET is planning to expand its bike share service to provide pick-up points at all seven Cambridgeshire Park & Rides. To increase its e-bike fleet for this, as well as to continue providing free e-bikes for NHS workers, it has launched a crowdfunding campaign. 

CET writes:

We have operated our bike share service in Cambridge since July 2018, with pick-up hubs around the city to encourage commuters to switch from car use to cycling.

We provide e-bikes for long-range routes and pedal bikes for shorter routes. We work closely with local authorities and employers to meet community needs, promote cycling and reduce traffic congestion and pollution.

We want to expand the service to cover the Greater Cambridge area and surrounding villages, achieve critical mass to make a major impact and spread the cycling culture to non-cyclists by providing a high-quality service with first-class support. Local authorities have provided support for our service in the past and are keen to facilitate its expansion by, for example, providing pick-up hubs at all Park & Rides around the city.

Funding would be used to purchase additional e-bikes for the service. In addition we will continue and expand our free e-bike service for NHS workers at Addenbrooke's Hospital during the Covid-19 crisis period. We plan to expand to other towns and cities from 2021 onwards once we have developed Cambridge as a showcase bike share community.

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CET develops and manages a range of zero-emission transport solutions and services based on e-bikes and lightweight electric vehicles, piloting them initially in Cambridge for deployment across the world.

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