Cambridge Marketing Book Club Launch Event


The Cambridge Marketing Book Club has been created as a forum for marketers and business people to meet in a friendly and informal context, and to meet with authors of both newly published and well-known business books. These sessions are designed to be highly engaging, and to prove helpful in delivering ongoing learning and skills development.


• To share and discuss the latest insights, models and theories with like-minded professionals in a managed and high quality environment.
• To gain access to a source of new ideas, techniques and capabilities that can drive marketing success.
• To take a step back from the demands of the daily professional routine and to see the bigger picture.

2016 Programme

  • 17 May – Peter Fisk on Game Changers
  • 14 June – Alan Moore on No Straight Lines
  • 13 September – Mike Berry on Digital Marketing Story Book
  • 11 October – Andrew Hatcher on Metrics

• Each 90 minute session focuses on a particular book.
• The group is introduced to the book by its author and then has the opportunity to discuss the book and its likely impact on the profession.
• Discussion will range across a variety of business books in facilitated sessions to focus on key issues and to improve performance and engagement at work.

Participants are welcome to come to all sessions or to just one. Attendance costs just £15 per session (excl. VAT) and includes a free copy of the book under discussion!

Location The sessions will be hold at ARM Ltd, 110 Fulbourn Rd, Cambridge CB1 9NJ Parking facilities available.


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