Cambridge start-up is a hit with US Department of Defense


New start-up Cambridge Intelligence has secured three contracts in the cyber security and defense sectors in the USA. The contracts are for deployment of its KeyLines product, which is a new software tool for visualising communication networks.

Joe Parry, founder, says “KeyLines allows network analysis to happen in the field of operations rather than back at headquarters. This means that decisions can be made more quickly and more autonomously. Soldiers can use KeyLines on low power, lightweight devices such as tablets and mobile phones. This is a major advance for mobile units, where weight carried needs to be minimised, and where power outlets are unreliable.

What the military customers love is that KeyLines is very small over the wire - less than 135K of code, and therefore ideal for operational IT networks where bandwidth is at a premium. Although it is so small, it can render large communication networks, and show alerts and warnings of suspicious activity.

KeyLines has many other advantages. “In older systems, data needed to be uploaded to laptops before the operation and downloaded afterwards. This meant that operational units didn’t always have the most up-to-date intelligence. In systems which use KeyLines the data can be piped live to the unit over the network, meaning that the intel is always fresh.”

Cambridge Intelligence are partnering with US company 42six Solutions, based out of Columbia, MD. 42six Solutions are a highly successful start-up who build custom solutions across the US government. Andy Walker, CEO, says “"42six Solutions is a focused software company that enjoys partnering with other like minded companies such as Cambridge Intelligence. We have used just about every open source link analysis tool and even created our own, but none can compete with KeyLines. It’s easily the best visualization API we’ve used to date for the creation of mission applications.“

Joe continues “We are a great partnership. Andy’s development team are top class. The speed which they’ve integrated KeyLines has been phenomenal. We have really good synergy and are looking to partner on a series of opportunities in the near future.”

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